Caribbean NGO Database

The Caribbean NGO Database website is a listing of NGOs and Charities across  the Caribbean region.

The website is  the property of The NGO Caribbean Development Foundation  (NCDF) based in Trinidad.

NGOs in the region   joining the website will have their own pages on which they can feature information about their organizations  and the projects they are currently working on.

The website will play a number of roles.

a) The Website as a Development Initiative.

  • NGOs across the region work in isolation of each other, many of them are unaware of NGOs perhaps in the same island or in other islands working on similar issues and projects.
  • There is no formal listing of NGOs in the region. The NCDF is hoping to use the website to put NGOs across the region in the know of each other, and in touch with each other.
  • We believe that the website will encourage cooperation among NGOs in the region and prevent duplication of work.
  • The website will also serve as a formal database and listing of NGOs across the region.
  • The website has the potential to create networks of NGOs across the region.
  • For those  organizations unable to afford their own websites,  The Caribbean NGO Database will allow them to  get their information out there at no cost.

b) The Website as a tool for research and Public opinion

  • The website can be used as a tool for research.
  • The website can be used to gather data on the status of NGOs in the region and the ways in which the sector can be strengthened. The website can  also be  used  to ascertain public opinion on various issues.

c) The website as a tool to disseminate information pertinent to the sector.

  • It is the intention of The NCDF to use the website to inform NGOs in the region about current issues……legal, social, and financial pertaining to the sector in the region.

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The NCDF would like to thank The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for funding The Caribbean NGO Database.



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